Eva Perón


Comrades of the secretary of the CGT

First of all I want to thank excited to the General Confederation of Labor, and especially its Women's Committee, which gives me the opportunity, so popular, so dear to my feelings and so familiar in my constant action for the lower classes and proletarian from the country.

I agreed to speak to you to fellow workers in the country, because it is very honorable for me to do at this time when the female party forces are gradually organizing around the doctrine and female Peronist cause to pursue it, because it is the Because of the country, namely that of General Peron.

To the colleagues who work daily, I ask you to cooperate with census takers and subcensistas, because they have nothing more than a specific mission: to take a census to know how many women are enrolled in the Peronist cause. The leaders will emerge from the mass. The most laborious, the most selfless and most disciplined will that arise because the mass is that elected and I will back the chosen with love and respect always feel for people's decisions.

Momentarily we have no other mission than that of a census, and subtract any collaboration that female Peronist census restarles mean women a chance so they can be true leaders of the Female Peronist Party.

I always thought that the leaders are not made; they are born.

With these words, which are outside of my talk I take this opportunity to clarify that I have not forgotten any woman who has worked, work and work for the cause of Peronism, because I've always tried to be a bridge between the people and General Peron.

Peronism female action

Perhaps the most anonymous, but the most sacrificed and the most earnest, working in the villages of the provinces, governorates and in the suburbs, they are present in my heart of fervent Peronist. That is why I am calling the Peronists. Female Peronist census aims simply to enlist the organically our women to know how many we are and where we are.

That is the first stage, the most difficult and the slowest. The second, that of political action, will come when it arises in every neighborhood, in every district, in every town, in every government and every province, a true Peronist, a fervent Peronist to be taken by the flag of Peronism with love , abnegation and faith that I have in all of the country shirtless.

I wish that these words are of gratitude not only to the partners who organized this magnificent act, but also to those leaving their work, leaving their daily cares, have come with a spiritual and partisan concern to hear the voice of this humble woman Shirtless, whom circumstances have placed next to the famous leader of Argentine workers in this great hour of the motherland.

Glad deeply and intimately so this act means as an expression of what is and will be the Female Peronist movement, movement of people, supported by honest hands of military and military Argentine women, made the sacrifice of hard work for all day workshop, at home, in the field or in the factory.

Expression of a people honored

So I dreamed I and I wanted it to be this Peronist Women's Movement, movement humble women, in whose eyes clean the purity of his intentions, looks healthy and generous; women's movement working for the daily task dignified, sanctified by the sacrifice of what it means to be home and country with deep and abiding love; movement in the flesh and in whose spirit the spirit and the flesh of the people, that is the spirit and the flesh of a country it is generated.

From the days when he was a in the ranks of the people, and so now my people have given me the privilege of driving the banner of hope, I always wanted and I dreamed that political movement is that we have today such unspeakable to behold and that is winning hearts and wills for all the roads leading to all corners of the country.

Our movement is, by definition, people's movement, of Patria, because ultimately the country is the people themselves. Peronism is Patria and therefore never have a place in the ranks of this movement or its cadres privileges of any kind because it would mean the death of the Peronist movement.

the times have passed when the people were led by oligarchic circles. It is time for the people and not that of anarchy. The time has come when all men and women are responsible for the common destiny, the destiny of the people and therefore the country. In this age it is inconceivable in any way that a political movement born detached or unlink the people, falling into the hands of privileged circles, especially if this movement is gestated and organized with women of all times and all peoples which have who have suffered and shed tears for the actions of governments that turned their backs on the reality of the country, caring only for the perks and privileges of power.

The honorable bell "shirtless"

Our movement that is open to love, generosity and idealistic aspirations of all women of the Nation who work and struggle in every corner of the country. They are working and fighting alongside men and like them; in a solemn moment in history, they were despised with an insult by the privileged circles, insult today is a mark of glory, "shirtless".

In our women's movement, first they will be the shirtless, because they are the people; and if necessary repeat it a thousand times, the village is the homeland and its greatness our highest ideal.

The shirtless, men and women, made the magnificent epic of October 17, 1945. They closed the factories, workshops and offices left, crossed bridges Stream, and when there were no bridges crossed anyway. They came singing and crying to the old Plaza de Mayo, which since 1810 did not return to see his people, the real people of Argentina, who claimed again, as then, the right to their own destiny marked in the history of mankind.

We women, we must not forget that saved the country shirtless and dirty aces fall into the hands of the oligarchy, who had paid him thirty pieces of silver treason with foreign currency.

How could I not want me and fight tirelessly for the women's movement that comes to support Peron not fall into the hands of those who betrayed him, commanded Braden.

How I will not try, by all means, as a woman of the people, as Peronist and as the wife of General Peron, the women's movement, which is named the same Peronism, are insured against its betrayal and to secure it I do not know other way but to put on clean hands and loyal people.

The people are always loyal. And Colonel Peron used to say in the Ministry of Labour and Welfare: I trust the people; I have faith in my people. And the people was played by him at the right moment seemingly everything was lost.

Our Women's Movement also organizes a great faith in the essential values ​​of the people. It could not be otherwise: it would be like if we did not believe in ourselves.

Peron's government is, moreover, government of the people. Anyone can get the President of the Argentine without limitation. He reach the most famous, the most humble, the most exalted and the most modest; but he listens to the ambassadors and everyone with the same interest with listening to the workers of the factories, although their workers and I'm sure I afirmarlo- the addresses with heart because he loves dearly.

I want you, for the good of all Argentines and even of all men in the world, our work is an example for suffering humanity, to rediscover the long-awaited path of peace, justice and goodness that wants to live .

For a big country fair

This social conception has already been exposed by me in the opening of the Children's City, when I said that we want a great nation, not territorial expansion, but by the overwhelming amount of happiness of all children; a happy country, not for the existence of a few very rich, but for the salvation of many poor less poor; a homeland delivered to the high task of enhancing human values, solidarity, cooperation and the PJ without modification. For this General Peron it has done conferences, because they do not solve problems: achievements made and delivered to the world their PJ, which is the pride of all Argentines.

To a large pariah it is necessary to do justice to the people; to have a happy country, it is necessary to do justice to the people; to talk about peace, it is necessary to begin to do justice to the people.

So our beloved President always says that the only ones who can save the humble are themselves.

So we have an eminently popular doctrine; why General Peron rules with the people and for the people; daily breaks so closed circles a sellout oligarchy.

The Argentine people and has a tired-called minority leader and is the rawest oligarchy wants to govern. They, who sold the country abroad! They, that submerged the people in the worst ignominy and took away the last thing to lose a citizen: hope! They, the people who canceled their personality! General Peron restored to every Argentine pride in being such and-greatest Peron promoted the dignity of man by man.

I join my people fervently, because the more I deal more I understand, the more I love him and appreciate him.

Was that in uncertain times for argentinidad shirtless people, when the forces of unpatriotic, of the crudest oligarchy would snatch Peron, who took to the streets.

They all had been removed and the people had done nothing for their benefit; they, who had vilified and submerged the people in the worst ignominy, reaching the exploitation of man by man, wanted to snatch their leader and then, the shirtless took to the streets to tell this to the country to restore Colonel .

An authentic popular government

The Peronist government is not and can not be government circles. So Peron is within reach of his people. His people can see every day in the house of government, or any of the popular acts that attends. His people can listen to your word and know his thoughts clearly, because Peron speaks ungrudgingly of any kind, with the clarity of honest men who do not have to hide anything.

It is that Peron has created a new way of being governor.

The only way to be government of the people is closer to the people. That has made Peron. Any political movement to support Peron should be based on the same principles and should be intimately popular structure.

I have dwelt on these considerations, perhaps maybe abundant, because I feel the need to insist on this fundamental aspect of the movement that wanted to choose me as a champion.

And as a champion of the Women's Peronist movement, I can not wear, I refuse to take another flag than the flag of the people. The day that I felt unable to interpret my people, as I interpret fervent and fanatical, resign before letting this people, whose spirit and whose flesh take me, and whose lineage can not make me give or praise of greatness or the greatness of power, because he can not betray the people, who would betray myself.

Our movement, which is identified with the feeling and thinking of our people, but may not have the same ideal, the same doctrine and the same purity. His ideal: the greatness of the country. His doctrine: Justicialism. Purity: his honesty proves true. Therefore, the Peronist movement is the people that has no other leader General Peron.

The high ideal that leads us and guides us towards our goal customs of the greatness of the country, such as dreams and realizes as our great leader, General Peron.

Homeland the Female Peronist movement wants is what has been developing in these three years of permanent struggle to build a new socially just, economically free and politically sovereign Argentina.

I thank fellow Peronist, the love they feel for me, I am the most modest of the collaborators of the women's movement. I prefer to remain what they have been told so often shirtless: The Lady of Hope.

And just as when the general asked Alexander the Great, after a great victory, "what do you keep it to yourself? For me I keep hoping, "I ask the shirtless and Peronist people than me book I hope to be the sister, the friend of all the shirtless of the country, ready to encourage, to heal a wound, to come to help any brother or sister in need. Let's hope for Evita and fight all in an ideal Peron and for the country.

The greatness of the country is the supreme ideal of Peronist women. To us we shall, in civic life that have already begun under the sign of the new Argentina of Peron, the silent and fruitful task of consolidating this greatness. On our part we support this equipment greatness of spiritual values ​​for the new Argentina of Peron has spent in the history of mankind.

Propagating the spirit

The only thing that beats the centuries is the spirit of the people. For us women, we have to instill the spirit of Peronism in every Argentine and transmit from generation to generation. On our part we keep the idealistic sense of Peronism because only selflessness and generosity carried to heroism can build and strengthen the greatness of the country. Only an idealist, selfless and generous Peronism can keep for many generations Argentina flag flying atop masts all of the country.

Perhaps for the first time the Argentine people think and knows what he wants and where it goes. A incite us to us to fight, to work for national greatness, all men of our homes, against everything that can be seeds of destruction or misfortune against foreign ideologies to the people and the nationality; against the blandishments and temptations that the capitalist oligarchy of the country or foreign imperialism try to trick or conquer for use as a bridge to the workers and Argentine workers.

To us touches us keep its banner from our post lookouts, at home, in the shop, on the street, at the office or in the factories, because this way we will keep the country's future and the permanence of its sovereign greatness on the bases of Peronism, which are the basis and the desire of the masses.

The greatness of the country, our highest ideal, is a sign of our love and our sacrifice. Female Peronist movement has a doctrine that in our country and around the world will be known as the PJ Peron, in which men of the world are a firm hope for peace and work that fulfills their desire for justice, so forgotten by many rulers. They know that the Argentine people, led and inspired by Peron, has already made the Peronist doctrine and want to adopt to be happy with all the happiness we possess.

We, the Peronist women, we must know the doctrine to teach it to our children, our boyfriends, our parents, our brothers, to disseminate it through all areas of the country, so that, being known, it is accepted with love which it is essential to be experienced by everyone and everywhere consolidated condition.

On another occasion I will refer extensively to the Peronist doctrine and woman, but now I just want to say that the doctrine is as Peron expressed his people from the creation of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare and everything the people have wanted and Peron has wanted done from the day he lent his support in the infinite faith that is only the great heritage of peoples.

In another vein, I have argued that the Female Peronist movement has only one force. I want to repeat to know my behavior, my ideal and my heart, which are the people.

And although at the beginning of this exhibition have deepened this concept, I want to reiterate here with a resounding and definitive statement. Not only do we want to preserve and maintain the support of the popular forces in favor of Peronism. We want more than that. We want to make this our only strength, because we know that's the invincible strength, the popular soul.

The irrefutable evidence of our forces

On October 17 and 24 February are two irrefutable evidence. On the one hand, the strength of the oligarchic money together with the strength of imperialism, with the force of international capitalism and the strength of extremist internationalisms, and on the other hand, chalk and charcoal shirtless.

On the one hand, all material forces conjured by Braden and Argentine traitors for treason. On the other hand, the heart of the village, all the force of his spirit resisted the spell of a man Peron.

Triumph of the people, win the only force that can not be mastered when it is imbued with spirituality.

We, who are custodians of the spirit of the people, have a responsibility to keep intact the extraordinary strength of our unique strength: the people. And for this we have the obligation to prevent foreign forces people undermine its structure and above all, ensure that never, under the pretext of tempting alliances, infiltrate the village force on 17 October and on 24 February he was betrayed .

Peron fan

Opponents say this is bigotry, which I am a fan of Peron and the people, that I'm dangerous because I'm too sectarian and too fanatical to the General Perón and shirtless homeland.

I tell them to Peron: fanaticism is the wisdom of the spirit. What matters in the company being a fan of the martyrs and heroes.

After all, life reaches its true value when it is lived not in a selfish way, just to oneself, but when one comes to life every honest, fanatically, for the sake of an ideal that is worth life itself. I answer yes, I'm a fan of Perón and shirtless homeland. Finally the female Peronist movement has, like the Argentine people, more than a leader Peron.

I will not say here what Peron but I've always said ad nauseam, everywhere and in all my speeches.

Peron is so identified with the country that I see in him the same country. After so many years of living next to him, knowing his spirit as anyone can know, in public life and in the privacy of home, I can still say, more and more loving wife, and Peronist Argentina, which if Peron deserves a people like the Argentine shirtless, the Argentine people deserve to have a president like Peron.

Sometimes I think that Peron has stopped being a man like others; Peron is an embodied ideal. And this thought is that we should meditate and disseminate women female Peronist movement. Peron's Argentina made great figure of man. It's the old ideal of all Argentine hopes flesh. So the political movement can have as sole leader without running the risk of disappearing the fateful day that will always be missing because Peron Peron leading his people as an ideal, as a flag, as a guide, as a star to point at night the way to the final victory.

Our core mission

All these things should make and take into account the Female Peronist movement to succeed and to honor the rights won by women in the civilian field.

I do not want to dwell more and I must, because the minutes that I retain are the valuable for you. If businessmen conscious time for what that time is money, we must not forget that the time of the homeland is shirtless break when no bread for your home, your children consolation and joy for your family, thanks to this work being done by the General Peron in our country and the constant vigilance that everyone who worked hard in favor of Peronism and the country, and to achieve the spiritual unity between people and government.

My desire is to any Argentina woman who has the privilege and the honor of being the first lady want, such as desire, be Evita before the wife of the President of the Republic, if that Evita is said to soothe a pain at some home of my country.

So I agreed to be champion of the Peronist women if my name can be a bond of union, if my name may serve to mitigate and allay concerns anytime spirits bringing peace and welfare to every household in the country. But yes; it does not try to put the partner Evita in any circle, because I just want to be at the heart of all Homeland shirtless.

With the collaboration of all shirtless women that already discount, and the diligence of the Women's Committee of the CGT, off the success of this Party, which belongs to no one but all of this Party, who I aspire to be the pride of General Peron for their discipline, unity, and especially to wait, since those who wait, and that those who wait is that the triumphs.

I do not want to abuse dela kindness of fellow Peronist, because it must not miss opportunity to keep talking.

I just want to lay on you the aspirations of this humble woman, who wants to be more than the heart of the Peronist movement, this movement to leave in the hands of the workers of my country women, because I know that by doing so, I assure the future of Peronism and therefore the future of the country.

Eva Peron